Cross-flow Filtration

What is Cross-Flow filtration, and why is it better?

xflowUnlike “dead-end” filtration, where oily water is forced through a filter media which soon becomes clogged with debris, Cross-flow filtration from Highland Fluid effectively separates even small amounts of lost oil using constant movement of the fluid to actually keep the membrane clean. This special media is hydrophilic – meaning it loves water, but it’s having no part of oil! The clean water permeates through the membrane, while the oil is simply repelled. The constant flow of dirty fluid traveling tangentially across the surface actually “sweeps” the membrane clean of any particles. The pump does the work, eliminating the need for frequent, labor-intensive change-outs.

In the diagram below, you can see that in dead-end filtration, the media’s permeability quickly falls off, making it ineffective and cost-prohibitive.

On the right, you can see that the special membrane combined with Highland Fluid’s cross-flow design, allows clean water to continually pass through while debris is continually swept away from the surface.




The Cross-flow filtration system from Highland Fluid performs – even on a 90 API condensate stream!

Benefits of Cross-flow filtration:
– Simple, high-performance, sustainable solution
– Recovers lost oil and lost revenue!
– Filters bugs, polymers, H2S and more
– Minimizes labor and waste
– Saves money – BIG money!
– Delivers a clean frac fluid that stabilizes the rock and improves scaling indices

Reasons to recycle:
– Convert an expensive waste into an income stream
– Minimize water acquisition and disposal costs
– Reclaimed water works better than fresh water
– Provides Sustainability
– Helps alleviate environmental liability

Download Cross-flow Filtration Sheet