TrueMud™ Dynamic Mixing-Shearing

Dynamic Shear with TrueMudTM Technology  
Dynamic shear with TrueMudTM  uses dynamic mixing to provide a high-performing mud that provides increased yield point and electrical stability, and prevents separation, even in long-dormant fluids.


TrueMud Mixer Rotor

Why Dynamic Shear TrueMud / What is it?
Dynamic shear mixing makes better mud.

• Dynamic shear completely activates oil-mud chemistries by better hydrating polymers and making stronger emulsions.
− Increases Electrical Stability by 2x, even 3x
− Improved Rheology
− Increases Yield Point by 2x while plastic Viscosity remains constant
− In HTHP testing – cuts filtrate losses in half and water in the filtrate by an order of magnitude

• Improved ECD even on the first pass through the bit

• Creates a Stable, Consistent Mud with Known Rheology
− Excellent hole cleaning and suspension without “over treating” chemical additives

• Prevents Separation in Static Fluids

What is TrueMud Technology?
• A process that uses Controlled Cavitation
• Closed boreholes around the rotor’s circumference create a “Pressure Differential within the Fluid”.
• Centrifugal Force causes bubbles to form and then to collapse
• Collapsing bubbles generate shockwaves that Heat, Concentrate, and Intimately Mix – similar and/or dissimilar materials

Why is TrueMud Superior over Conventionally-mixed Muds?
Think surface area. Crushed ice chills water much faster than ice cubes because crushed ice puts more surface area in contact with the water. The same principal holds true with TrueMud mixing. Increasing surface area yields better performance!

Increased Surface Area = Process Intensification
• Surface Area is Squared
– Length x Width = Surface Area

Volume is Surface Area Cubed
– Length x Width x Height = Volume
• Volume Grows Faster than Surface Area Consider a Rectangular Cube
– Area – 22 = 4 and Volume – 23 = 8
– Area – 32 = 9 but Volume – 33 = 27
Most processes are surface area limited. By providing greater surface area, the mixing/shearing process efficiency increases.

TrueMud Dynamic Shear Mixing
• Each individual closed bore acts as a cavitation zone within the TMM
• TMSM 16×3 Split Rotor
– Two Rotors per housing run
– Rotor Speed – 3600 rpm
– Rotor Holes – 45 per row
– Rows of Holes – 3 per rotor
• At any fixed point on the rotor
– 3600 rpm/60 sec = 60 times/hole/sec
– 60 x 45 holes = 8,100 times/sec/row of holes 8,100 x 2 rotors = Fluid exposed to 16,200 cavitation holes per sec
• Fluid flowing through the TMM in are exposed to thousands of cavitation zones in just seconds!

Improved Electrical Stability & Rheology
70/30 Oil/Water/Surfactant Emulsion Magnified to 1000X

Conventional Mixing w/o Shear

– Not a completely homogenous blend

– Potential for early separation in static fluids

You can’t predict performance until it goes through the bit at least one time!

TrueMud Dynamic Shear

– Dynamic Shear provides more intimate mixing – 2 even 3x the measured electrical stability

– A stronger emulsion helps prevent separation in static fluids

– True Mud Properties and Stability without a trip through the bit!


Dynamic Shear with TrueMudTM technology provides a superior mud by creating more surface area on the polymers, enabling more rapid hydration and a more intimate mix.

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